My Year of Peace and Progress - Eph 2:14


Prayer & Fasting Program Continues... 
As we continue to wait on God in this month of July, we ask: 'What continuously bleeds life out of you?' That thing that has exchanged th »read more
Deacons' ElectionThis is in preparation for the up-coming election »read more
THE TEENS' MINISTRY is inviting our parents, and friends to our "Teens Concert 2015" Tagged: "Praise 2 Raise". In the Teens Worship Center, on the 2nd of Aug, 2015. It's an avenue to praise God and ra »read more
Women Overcomers in Christ Couples Retreat.
Topic: Trust issues in the family
Dat »read more
LYDIA WEEK: The annual Lydia week celebration comes up from July 26th to August 2nd, 2015.

Theme: A Praying Vessel;  Text: James 5 vs 17-18.
»read more
Hymn Service 2015 will hold on Sunday August 2 and it will be a special Sunday in our church with a Hymn Singing Service in the two services. Sing »read more
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2015:  Registration for this year's VBS is ongoing and will end today June 28, 2015. Registration is N1,500 per child. Late registration is N2,000 per child. Please register »read more
DISCIPLESHIP - Registration for the Annual Masterlife Residential Workshop in Masterlife, Experiencin »read more
Today: Wed 29 Jul 2015Serving others requires that we understand them and find out what they need. Often we can help by meeting practical needs.  But one of the best ways to encourage those who are suffering is “TO BE NEAR”.  We can be near them as God is with us and sit close to them.  At the right time, the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say.  Pray that God will give you a heart of compassion for those who are hurting by putting yourself in their shoes and be near in the strength of God.  Psm. 34

God’s Everlasting Love.  Isaiah 54:1-8
A vessel is a »read more
Dearly Beloved, Calvary greetings in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We would like to acknowledge your visit to this »read more

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